Window Film

Window film provides a multitude of solutions for buildings and vehicles. There is even specialist anti fog film for fridges in superstores and anti graffiti window film for windows in buildings and railway carriages. Guardian installations can be found on thousands of buildings all over the UK providing one or more of the following benefits.

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Energy Control, Anti Glare and Solar Control Window Film

Energy control window film can reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 30% and Low E insulation window film saves on heating costs in the winter. Anti glare window film is particularly useful in office environments using computer screens. Solar control film will reduce unwanted heat gain and deliver improved productivity.


Anti Fade UV Protection Film and Museum Film

All Guardian products provide high levels of protection from harmful ultra violet rays which also cause fading in fixtures and fittings. There are specialist anti fade window films for museums, art galleries and libraries.


Privacy Film, Manifestation Graphics and View Control Film

Privacy film and manifestation graphics are available in basic vinyl and frosted window films right through to the most sophisticated digitally printed window film. Specialist view control film can deliver the precise view control you require for your particular situation.


Digitally Printed Film and Digitally Printed Wall Coverings

Digitally printed window film can feature vivid images of your company logo, your brand identity and/or your product(s). There are no barriers to our digital film technology and this extends to digitally printed wall coverings, so you really can optimise the windows, partitions and walls in your premises to promote your business.


Coloured and Decorative Window Film

The appearance of many buildings is being enhanced with the skilful application of coloured window film and decorative window film. Some old buildings are given a new lease of life by adding new film and more and more new builds feature film for visual impact.


Safety, Security and Blast Mitigation Window Film

Safety window film is the most cost effective and least disruptive way of ensuring existing glazing in a building complies with health and safety regulations. Thicker security film will protect against vandals and thieves. Blast mitigation window film prevents shards of broken glass causing death and injury and limits damage to property in the event of an industrial explosion or a terrorist bomb. It will sometimes be appropriate to specify a frame retention system with blast mitigation film in order to ensure the proper protection.


Risk Assessments

The correct specification for safety, security and blast mitigation window films is very important. That is why a qualified and professionally indemnified glazing risk assessment is always recommended.



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