Smart Film

Privacy at the flick of a switch

smart film

Smart Film is an inovative product which enables you to control visibility through glazed windows, doors and partitions at the flick of a switch

Flexible Privacy and Security

Smart Film applied to glazed partitions, windows and doors in meeting rooms provides the flexibility to have total privacy and visual security when required. Simply flick the control switch and the previously totally transparent glass transforms into a translucent frosted privacy glass. The film can be used to acchieve th same benefits in conservatories and sunrooms.

Easy to apply

Smart Film is manufactured with a self adhesive cling layer on one side (peel and stick) which makes it easy to apply to either new or existing glass.

The film is available in two standard widths (980mm and 1200mm) from which it can be cut to size. Custom shapes and sizes are available and multiple pieces can be joined together on larger panes.

How does Smart Film work?

The optical liquid crystal film (smart film) changes its visible appearance when an electrical current is activated. So you simply flick the control switch to change from translucent (frosted) to transparent or visa versa.

Additional Benefits of Smart Film

In its translucent state, the Smart Film becomes a high definition rear projection screen. This enables you to project vivid digital images onto the glass. For example, applied to the glass frontage of your premises, the film can be used to promote your products and services or to provide valuable information for your visitors and clients with stunning images which can be changed as frequently as you wish.

Our Smart Film can also be applied to Plexiglass.

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